Animation is defined as being full of life, or vigor. That is exactly what we strive for with all our animations, bringing content to life! We have experience creating animations for a wide variety of client needs. Sometimes a character needs to be animated, while other times an inanimate object like a car or a product such as a refrigerator need to be brought to life in-order to showcase a new feature. Whatever your need may be, let us help you add life to your message and brand. Below you will find three animation reels that showcase some of our best work! 
Each reel has been organized based on the type of animation, and contains a variety of samples. 

Character Animations

Motion Graphic Animations

Advertisment Animations

HUFS Agency

The HUFS Agency is a ficticious agency that was created as a way to have a little fun while poking fun at the stereotypical lifestyle that is associated with working at a design agency.

We created 6 shorts, or  episodes that ran before the event itself as a build up in anticipation for the yearly award show! The animation shorts were also featured at the event. Checkout all the episodes in their entirerty at: ​​

There were many challenges that came along with this opportunity, like the extreamly tight deadline, but we were able to adapt, bring the characters to life, maintain the branding concistency and come out with a series of animated shorts we are proud of.

HUFS Agency Animation Reel

After all our hard work we received 2 awards for our work on this exciting campaign!

Silver Award Winner
Illustration & Animation - "The Pretty Good Show"
March 2018  - Advertising Federation of Minnesota - AdFed MN

Bronze Award Winner
Overall Integrated Campaign - "The Pretty Good Show"
March 2018  - Advertising Federation of Minnesota - AdFed MN