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CBIG presents Classic Nursery Rhymes Volume 3 Available now!

November 2016
CBIG vol. 3

I am very happy to announce that the Childrens Book Illustrators Guild of MN, or just CBIG for short, has just release the third installment of their Classic Nursery Rhymes childrens book. These books are a collaborative effort of 14 different artist from CBIG. Each artist chose a classic nursery rhyme and illustrated a two-page spread for that rhyme. The illustrations range across a variety of mediums, such as colored pencil, watercolor, digital and more! Click on the image above or visit www.Amazon.com for more info or to purchase your own copy! Also feel free to visit the Children's Illustrations section of my website to checkout my 2-page spread illustration for the book.
I have truley enjoyed putting these books together. Every single nursery rhyme is complimented by a beautiful illustration. Every artist is given the freedome to illustrate the poem any way they would like to. This allows each artist to express themselves in any medium they wish to use, or even experiment with a new one. We hope our artwork helps awaken your imaginations, and that you enjoy these timeless nursery rhymes over and over with the children in your life.

3 Wise Men of Gotham Illustration

October 2016
Logo Design

I just completed my illustration for the classic mother goose nursery rhyme "3 Wise Men of Gotham." I had not ever heard this rhyme before, but once I read it, it spoke to me. I instantly saw the illustration in my head, and it made my laugh out loud! When I had started this illustration I had a specific idea in my head, like many creative projects it organically changed just a little, and I believe for the best. If you checkout my sketches you will notice the evolution. Click on the thumbnail above, or visit the Childrens Illustration section of my website.
This illustration will be part of the Childrens Book Illustrators Guild of MN latest collaborative children's book. The series is titled, "CBIG presents Classic Nursery Rhymes," and this will be the third installment! It will be available before the holidays, so look for it soon.

New Hardware!

September 2016

I have a new piece of hardware that I am very excited to test. I have been dreaming of the day I could sketch, draw and paint anytime, anywhere without all the complications and the mess. That day may very well be here. I now am the owner of a Microsoft Surface Tablet! I have neve been interested in a tablet unless I could draw on it just like it is a piece of paper. I have used other tablets and they have neve come close to the same feeling. Until now. I have only began to test out this Surface and I am sure it will take a long time to really get a feel for it, but I am looking forward to it. I intend to but this Surface to the test, using it, and only it, for an illustration I will be creating for CBIG's latest installemnt of the "Classic Nursery Rhymes" childrens books. I will keep you posted with my results after the illustration is complete, so stay tuned.

More Wells Fargo Interactive Banner Ads

March 2014
Logo Design

After the success of the first round of the Wells Fargo banner ads, I was asked to create another campaign of ads. Similar to the last set of ads, these banners broke many of the typical "rules" for Flash banner ads. Wells Fargo was very pleased with the results of the last campaign and wanted to reuse the "quiz-style" banner that asked the viewer a question, and supplied them with multiple choice answers to select from. Their goal was to capture the viewers attention with an important financial question, then have them really think and want the viewer to engage the banner ad in order to find out the answer. Wells Fargo also wanted to compliment the "quiz style" ad with a more traditional ad that was simple, yet contained just enough eye catching animation to draw the viewers attention. Feel free to checkout some of the banner advertisements by clicking on the image preview, or visit the Interactive section of my website.

Talent Acquisition Illustrations

February 2014

When you are asked to illustrate concepts and ideas that are not exactly tangible, things can get a little harder or things can get more creative! I have been working with Deluxe for a while now creating visual aids for training materials, and finished a very large scale illustration project around the talent acquisition process, better know as the hiring process. Deluxe wanted a new take on it with new visuals that had energy, creativity, stayed within their branding and most importantly engaged the viewers so they want to continue, and maybe even familiarize themselves with processes beyond their specific responsibilities.
I illustrated almost every step of the process which totaled about 50 illustrations! The entire process revolves around 4 characters, or positions. There is the Hiring Manager, the Human Resources Representative, the Talent Acquisition Specialist (or Recruiter) and finally the Candidate. With the help of the talented people at Deluxe, we were able to developed a visual representation of all 4 characters, or positions.
I wanted to try and keep the visual style simple and give it an almost retro-style. Then I wanted to compliment, and contrast that with a slightly futuristic twist such as tablets, holograms and other Jetson's type of tools. Giving the project a slightly futuristic feel also provided me with more opportunities to bend the rules of reality to help illustrate difficult concepts such as "Identifying A Need" or "Negotiate With Candidate." Keeping the color scheme black and white allowed me to draw attention to specific items of importance using the famous Deluxe brand red color. There was a lot of research involved with almost every illustration, and even more revisions but in the end everyone at Deluxe has was very pleased with the illustrations, and they have been seeing fantastic results with the application as a whole!
Click here to check out some of the character design development sketches featured on the "Character Design" page.

Animated Graphics Showreel

January 2014
Logo Design

I have complied an entirely new, Animated Graphics or Motion Graphics Showreel! These animated samples have been taken from animation work I have been creating for a variety of clients. I touched on this a few months back, but I've been keeping busy creating animated visuals for internal campaigns and promotions. These promotions range from current campaign competitions to exciting upcoming events! I really enjoy creating animations like these and all the clients have been a blast to work with! Check out the new reel here and drop me a line if your company has some exciting news to share, and you would like to add some visual excitement!

"Deer Dad" Children's Book Out Now!

December 2013
Logo Design

I am very pleased to announce that Kampp Tales "Deer Dad" is NOW available for purchase as a 32-page printed soft cover book from Amazon.com! Author JJ Reich and I have been working on this children's book for the last 2 years, and we are both extremely proud of the result! If you have little ones that enjoy the Great Outdoors and you would like to share your love for wild life with them, the Kampp Tales book series is for you. Who knows, you may even learn something new yourself!
Click here or on the image thumbnail above to get an inside look and preview from Amazon.
You can also visit www.KamppTales.com for more information on the Kampp Family. If you head over to the "Children's Illustration" section of the site, you can also view more Kampp Tales designs, illustrations and comics. Be on the lookout for the eBook version coming soon!

Motion Graphics Animated Videos

November 2013

Lately I have been working with BI World Wide creating all sorts of motion graphics videos. The animated videos are for a variety of clients such as Comcast, Dr. Pepper, Valvoline and AT&T, just to name a few. The animated videos are used internally to promote and educate employees as well as business partners about on-going promotions or events within the company. I really enjoy creating these videos, and not just because of the great people at BI, but also because while I still have to maintain the companies branding standards, we also find creative ways to go above and beyond enabling us to do fun things that would normally not be allowed by their brand standards.
At the moment I do not have any examples to showcase...however, I have been creating so many videos that I am assembling an entirely new, motion graphics reel that will showcase examples of my motion graphics work. So check back soon!

Walser Automotive Flash Banner Ads

October 2013
Logo Design

For the last few months I have been helping Walser Automotive Group with Flash animated banner ads. The deals on these cars, trucks and SUV's is constantly changing and so are the ads. In order to help Walser expedite this process I have also been helping to template the process. It helps speed things up but there are always going to be exceptions that break the rules and need your keen eye for detail.
Click here to check out these ads along with more interactive samples.

Fill -N- Chill Frozen Yogurt Bar

September 2013
Logo Design

I had the pleasure of being asked to design a logo for a frozen yogurt shop in Slinger Wisconsin, the next town over from my home town of Hartford. The new yogurt bar is called "Fill -N- Chill." I really like the name and I feel it lends itself well to all sorts of fantastic branding opportunities.
We discussed creating two cartoon characters that would be named Fill and Chill, that would then be used for their marketing, advertisements and signage. We also discussed using the name to promote customer interaction, specifically "How Do You Fill -N- Chill?" I thought both were great, however we ran into some limitations. Due to the location, Fill -N- Chill Frozen Yogurt Bar was limited to specific signage sizes for their roadside sign as well as their main sign above the building. It was not ideal, but not a problem! I adapted the original designs to the new, longer rectangular sign size. We decided to pass on the two cartoon characters for the moment and go forward with just the text logo. The very wide, rectangular sign does not lend itself very well to displaying detailed illustrated characters.
The owners are thrilled with the design! The logo works great within the sign restraints, and is perfectly visible from roadside traffic. The bright complimentary blue and orange colors make everything inside and out pop! We have been extending the logo and branding across everything from their business and gift cards, t-shirts, window decals, advertisements, social media networks and much more!
If you are in the Slinger Wisconsin area, make sure you stop in to "Fill -n- Chill Frozen Yogurt Bar" and create your own delicious frozen yogurt masterpiece, and make sure to show them how you Fill -N- Chill!
Click here to check out thier Facebook page for more information.

3D Wedding Caricature

August 2013

When one of your life long best friends gets married what do you get him and his wife to be for a wedding gift? A toaster? A blender? Perhaps a waffle iron would be best? Nope! Can't do it.
It took a little while to decide, but it was defiantly worth the wait!
I sketched up some caricature likenesses of the happy couple, then hand painted 2 plastic, 7 inch statues I bought called "Might Muggs" to forever preserve a cartoon likeness of Luis and Jodie Garcia on their wedding day! They were even more surprised and thrilled with the results than I could have expected.
Click here or on the thumbnail above to view the 3D Wedding Caricature.

Zombie Target hit the shelves!

July 2013
Zombie Target

My Zombie Shooting Targets are official for sale! Champion Targets has released a new series of shooting targets, featuring the zombification of several commonly hunted animals including a Zombie Deer, Zombie Turkey, Zombie Bear and even a killer Clown Zombie. These targets were a lot of fun to illustrate and I could not be happier with the end result! I never thought I would be purposely shooting my artwork, let alone being excited about having other people taking aim at my drawings, but I am thrilled. Feel free to click the thumbnail above to preview the Zombie Target illustrations or head on over to the Champion Target website to place your order, or find out where you can find a local dealer.

Walter the Walleye

June 2013
Walter Walleye

I was asked to help develop a fun fishy character for Wolf River Country Magazine as part of their new advertising campaign. I have drawn plenty of fishermen and women caricatures holding prize fish, but I have never drawn a caricature or cartoon of a fish, but it sounds like fun! After some hands on R&D, we decided to go with a Walleye for our new character. Then we gave him some warm clothes for those chilly early morning boat tours up and down the Wolf River. Gordy and I have been incorporating Walter into various ads within the magazine, but you can click the thumbnail image above to get a sneak peak, or feel free to find him yourself in the latest edition of Wolf River Coutry Magazine.

Deer Illustrations

May 2013
Walter Walleye

I just finished some brand new deer illustrations for our new Kampp Tales eBook that will be coming out soon, titled Deer Dad. Author JJ Reich and I have been hard at work revamping the children's book for the new electronic platform! We wanted to maintain the story as close to the original as possible, but we have made a few new additions along with some format adjustments. These new illustrations of beautiful whitetail deer will help outdoor enthusiasts young and old learn all about the wonderful whitetail deer. Feel free to check all the illustrations by clicking the thumbnail above to be taken to the Illustration - Animal page.
If you would like you can also visit Kampp Tales.com for more information on the Kampp Tales family.

Children's Book Illustration Guild

April 2013
CBIG Outdoor Artwork

This month a wrote an article for the Children's Book Illustration Guild. I have been working with them for years and participate in a variety of activities such as rotating gallery shows in children's libraries. My article does not really touch on the children's content I have been working on, but rather the excitement I have for the snow to melt and the warm weather to arrive! I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities focused around creating artwork and am anxious for the weather to cooperate and allow me to take my artwork outside. Even as a child I was always outside painting forts, toys, giant pieces of paper and even sidewalks. If you have children you may want to check out the Children's Book Illustration Guild Blog and read the entire article, it may just spark some creativity!
Click here or on the thumbnail image to visit the page.

Retro 16-bit Style Banner Ad

March 2013
Retro Style Banner Ad

Sequal reached out to me and wanted help creating a retro style banner ad for their marketing department. I really liked the idea of a retro style ad, and they had a great storyboard fleshed out, but they needed a lot of visual help to bring the project together. I researched classic visuals from the 80's and pulled inspiration from many different mediums in order to create a design that everyone was pleased with. It was a great project and I look forward to creating more retro ads with them!

Cupid Cartoon

February 2013

I am pretty sure everyone has been hit by one of Cupid's arrows at least one time. We wanted to extend the Valentine's Day celebrations by one more day, so we threw an after Valentine's Day Party at Olson. It was a good time, with great beer and good music. Well, maybe not good music...but music. This cute Cupid illustration was created to help spread the love and word about the party. Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Zombie Animal Targets

January 2013

Last weekend was the Shot Show in Las Vegas, Nevada presented by the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Amongst all the excitement, if you happened to stop by ATK or Champion Target's booth you would have gotten the first glimpse at Champion's new Zombie Targets, illustrated by me, Johnathan Kuehl. I could not be more thrilled with the results of these gruesome targets! They will be hitting shelves in the spring so check back soon for more details and artwork. Feel free to click on the thumbnail for a larger preview.

Wells Fargo Banner Ads

January 2013

Happy New Year! With the start of a new year comes new opportunities, and I am very optimistic about 2013. I was lucky enough to have started off the new year working with Schermer, creating almost 20 banner ads for Wells Fargo's latest campaign. All of the ads broke the typical Flash banner rules like only being 15-seconds long and repeating. It was nice to see that they were confident in doing so, and the changes worked well with their messaging and for what they wanted to accomplish. I developed a "quiz-style banner" for them that asked the viewer a question, and supplied them with 4 multiple choice answers to select from. Their goal was to capture the viewers attention with a serious question, have them really think, want to engage the banner ad in order to find out the answer to such an important question. I am very pleased with the results, as was Schermer and Wells Fargo. Feel free to checkout some of the advertisements by clicking on the image preview, or visit the "Interactive" section of the website.

Very Animated Banner Ads

December 2012

With the Holidays quickly approaching, I thought I would show off a few festive banner ads. I had the opportunity to work with a great team at OLSON handling Target's Holiday ad campaign. Our team specifically focused on the multimedia and banner ads for the holiday season, creating hundreds of ads in various sizes for all the different campaigns. Due to my background and skill set I was pulled into some additional projects, where I was able to incorporate some traditional animation techniques into a few banner ads to really bring life to otherwise, static illustrations. Check out more animated examples under the "Interactive" section of the site, or just click the image preview above.

Democat and Republican Comic Zombie Shooting Targets

November 2012

Just in time for the 2012 Presidential Election, Champion Targets along with Academy Sports has released my Democratic and Republican Comic Zombies practice shooting targets! The targets feature the iconic Democratic Donkey as well as the Republican Elephant. I illustrated both animals in a caricature fashion to give give each animals human traits while showcasing their zombie characteristics. The targets are printed in large format at 18x12-inches and feature VisiColor's unique dual layer reactive printing for colors that reveal brightly when hit. RepublicanPreview Both are available in a 10-pack at the following addresses!
Democratic Comic Zombie Donkey available at, www.Academy.com

Republican Comic Zombie Elephant available at, www.Academy.com

Video and Animation Work

October 2012

OnixNet asked me to create a short commercial style animation highlighting the benefits of Google's Business Applications, and how they can help streamline your business. The animation is a brief overview of the main points they wanted to emphasize to their employees. It was such a success, OnixNet has received orders from several additional companies wanting to customize the animation and use it for their specific needs! Feel free to check out the animation, under the "Interactive" section, although it is not, actually interactive.

Interactive Advertising

September 2012

I have a new gig that will be keeping me pretty busy until the end of the year! I will be working on interactive advertising media for a large company for their upcoming holiday advertising needs. I cannot go into too much detail, but I am excited. It will give me a chance to dive back into a little bit of animation mixed with some interactivity. It won't hurt that the advertisements will end up all over the world wide web either. I will keep you posted, and showcase what I can, when I can.

Rest & Relaxation

August 2012

My summer is coming to an end in the best way possible, with a little rest and relaxation! It has been a busy summer, so it's time to relax a little. I picked up a few books that I am looking forward to reading like "Chuck Amuck: the life and times of an animated cartoonist" by Chuck Jones, while laying in the summer sun enjoying an ice cold beverage. Perfection!


July 2012

I needed to take a break from drawing people, animals, cartoons, places, caricatures, and all that! I wanted to make something different. Something loose. Something abstract. So I started painting again! I have a very large canvas that I started painting that will hang right above my couch. No people, no animals, so things of any kind! I have a vision in my head and it's all shapes and colors! I guess you could describe it as a traffic jam of shapes and colors. It has been a while since I have painted anything, and even longer since the subject has not been a person. I am very excited about this painting and will keep you updated on the progress.

Zombie Animal Illustrations...

June 2012
Description Sucka

So, I was asked to draw a Zombie Bear! Yes, a bear that has turned into a zombie! Pretty sweet idea. I did a little research and there are some cool looking zombie bears out there. I drew this zombie bear in Flash, keeping everything vector so we would not loose the very small details of rotting green flesh and yellow puss pimples. This was a very fun project because the client kept asking for more blood & more gore! There is quite a difference in where this drawing started and where it has ended up! I am very happy with the illustrations, and the client is as well. They are so pleased with the results, I was asked to do 4 more zombie illustrations! I won't spoil the surprise by telling what animals I will be Zombifying, you'll just have to check back to find out. In the mean time "click" on the preview here to jump to the "Illustration" section, then "Animals" to view my Zombie Bear!

New Kampp Tales Website

May 2012

After completing the new Kampp Tales eBook, I needed to create a new website to keep everyone up to date. Im very happy with the new website! I didn't know anything about wordpress when I started, but I got the hang of it. I even have some of the Kampp Tales Trophy illustrations for sale on the new website, along with the classic hard cover books! Feel free to check it out at, www.KamppTales.com

New Kampp Tales eBook, Coming Soon!

April 2012

I have been hard at work illustrating a new Kampp Tales eBook, and am happy so announce that the illustrations are complete! I just need to make a few minor adjustments, then I will be publishing the eBook, so stay tuned for more details about how to purchase the latest Kampp Tales book. Feel free to check out some development sketches under the "Character Design," "Kampp Tales" tab.

Children's Art Displayed at Penn Lake Library

March 2012

The Children's Illustrators Guild of MN, or CBIG for short, is currently displaying 30 different pieces of artwork at the Penn Lake Library at 8800 Penn Ave South, in Minneapolis. This collection features all types of artwork, from CBIG members including some Kampp Tales Trophy Photos. There is a fantastic mix of mediums and subjects all created for children to enjoy. If you have children, or know any, bring them to the Penn Lake Library to enjoy all the new artwork on display as well as all the other wonders you library has to offer!
The CBIG show will be displayed until the end of April.

Figure Drawing

February 2012

I have been attend more and more figure drawing sessions lately. It has been great practice and great way to meet a variety of other artist. Feel free to check out some of the drawings under the "Sketchbook" tab.

Bringing Patti to Life

January 2012

After creating countless poses and wardrobe changes for our spokes model, now named Patti, the next step is her debut animation! I get to bring Patti to life as she introduces herself to the world. Look for her in the new 2012 cut of my demo real!

Cats, Dogs & Kampp Tales

December 2011

I am finishing up 2011 in full force. I have been working on more of my cat & dog animations for the eCards and emails, and they will be included in the new 2012 cut of my demo reel, coming soon! I have also been showing a variety of my Kampp Tales illustrations at local galleries and childrens libraries. We have been receiving such a positive reaction from the public that showings have been expanded into the new year! Check back in 2012 for an update.

Kampp Tales Comic

November 2011

JJ Reich and I were asked to turn one of our Kampp Tales comic panels into a full page comic for a new juniors hunting publication. Then we were asked to expand it even further, into a short comic story. We jumped at the chance and I even created a comic book cover. It has been a lot of work in a short span of time, but I am very pleased with the result. You can view some of the pages under the ILLUSTRATION tab, then CHILDRENS MATERIAL.

Back to Interactive Applications!

October 2011

I was recently asked to develop an interactive interface for a 40 inch touch screen computer. I love getting to switch back and forth between animation and creating interactive content! I will post the application as soon as it is complete.

A new Spokes Model

September 2011

I am lucky enough to be in charge of a sexy new cartoon spokes model, named Penelope. Penelope is the new spokes model for AADOM dental equipment. She was debuted in Tennessee as a life size cardboard cutout in her cowgirl attire. Since then I have been working on additional poses and outfits. I will keep you posted on her updates.

Animated E-Cards

August 2011

I have been working on animating some party animals for greeting and birthday E-cards. I have a few of them under my belt at the moment, and just received a request for more! I have added some of the animations to my show reel, so check em out!

A Kampp Tales Comic

July 2011

Finished a full page comic featuring Uncle Carl and his son Joe off on a white tail deer hunting adventure. It's full of excitement and the comical blunders Uncle Carl is notorious for. Make sure and check it out under the Illustrations tab, then Children's Material.

More Space Bunny Content

June 2011

New illustrations and animations of my Bunny character. Check out the Illustrations/Original for new illustrations, and make sure to check out the latest cut of my show reel to see him in action!

Wedding Caricature

May 2011

Recently captured a likeness of the bride and the groom for a wedding gift! Check it out under Illustration/Caricature.

Bloo Block Drop: a tetris style game

April 2011

Lately I have been working hard on developing a few games, the first being a Tetris style game for the Twin Cities Urban Arts Show. This year we started incorporating interactive art into the show. This Tetris style game will be projected on an enormous wall for player as well as the audience to enjoy. I will be adding a web based scoring database to keep track of all the high scores, as well as mobile phone/tablet functionality so make sure and check back soon!

Space Bunny Hero

March 2011

I'm unable to get too specific, but I added some development sketches of our latest hero. As the title implies, he's the bunny in the space suit; the one with the awesome zapper guns! Feel free to check the sketches out under Character Design. Stay tuned for more to come, you'll want to see this lil guy in action, trust me!

Lots of Caricatures

February 2011

I've been creating caricatures of various clients this month; capturing each individual's defining features and personality never fails to be entertaining work. My caricatures have been featured in magazines, newspapers, giveaways and are an ideal gift for any occasion. Some of my newest caricatures have been posted under the Illustrations tab.

Smokin Cheese Heads Logo!

February 2011

It's fitting that I finished the Smokin' Cheeseheads Logo right before the Green Bay Packers win the Super Bowl! This logo was designed for a group of competitive barbeques from WI, (the mascot is a caricature of their lead grill guy) and it's not just my cheesehead pride talking when I say I'm pretty pleased with this one! But I'll let you be the judge of that; check out the logo and development sketches under the Character Design / Mascots tab.

Website Launch!

January 2011

With the launch of a new year I figured it was time to launch the new website, BlooVooDoo Studio. I have so many projects in the pipeline right now; I can't help but feel good about 2011, especially now that the BlooVooDoo site is up and ready to roll. Check back soon and see some of my latest works! Thanks for visiting!